economisty feelings

I dont know but often times I have a feeling that I am a budding economist, which was most recently fuelled  after I watched the Commanding Heights for a second time. I just love the long lectures that economists give, the way they view things and how it is all in some sense a philosophical realization of the existing world.

Microeconomics is like the zoom in of the camera, seeing the nano particles and making them interact right, whereas macroeconomics is the zoom out, taking the upper hand, guiding the herd not really concerned about each member. It all just thrills me and sometimes I wonder that whether it is not possible to apply the concepts and philosophies of quantum physics and quantum information theory to microeconomics. It draws some uncanny parallels.

Maybe, I wish dearly and I hope that I would get to study the subject in great detail and gain a wonderful breathtaking insight.

On the side, youtube is the best product of information revolution. There is so much wealth there waiting to be shared that I cannot just get enough of it. It is a bad things sometimes but its OK.


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