Life is a dog!

It bites you at the exact same time when you fear and pray that it does not. It is unfair. It is tumultuous. It is exacting. It is draining. It is uncompromising and it hits really hard and expects too much.

But for all of it, it gives me a sense of adventure. It fills me with hopes and a sense of purpose. It is delightful. It is sweet and sour at the same time and I love it.

Aside that, I saw some clips from miss world and miss universe pageants and they suck or what? Every damn girl there ready to work and speak for the downtrodden. They have so much goodness and compassion in their hearts. They seem to think that the beauty lies inside and hell that is why they are there with plastic surgeries done all upon their faces. It is ridiculous to see such sham and think that anyone would take that seriously. It boils me sometime. Why does one have to be so fake? Even their voices change. Yuck! I cannot respect such a person who is so double standard. If anyone did what they said on that stage, I would totally commend them but that seldom happens right? And to my knowledge it has never happened.

I also happened to watch Bachna Ae Haseeno and the review is BAH! Its OK. But one thing I absolutely fail to understand is that what is the hype about Deepika Padukone?? She is beautiful alright. So?? We are talking abput actresses right? Beauty does not imply acting. I am not saying that she is bad but what’s the hype?? Anyway. Almost all of this post seems to suggest that I am against beautiful women. Trust me that is not the case. I appreciate a beautiful visage and a figure as much as the next person but what seems unacceptable to me is to judge a person’s other abilities also based on it and it being the benchmark criteria for women and the only means to be acceptable in society at large.

Yeah so that. And also that I screw up so badly. I am afraid I have become dumb and not for good.


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