Musharraf and the end of his regime

So, on 18th August, Pervez Musharraf, the Army Chief, the dictator and then the President of a democratic Pakistan has finally resigned giving closure to is already ended regime. Now, this is a historic moment in the history of Pakistan. Moreso, because the President had the power to dissolve the constituent assembly. But, he could not. The democratic forces were powerful and strong enough to mollify him into resignation. He had been threatening to use his provisional powers but as it finally stands, the voice of the elected representatives did not quiver. In fact, it threatened him of impeachment and we have the result. I have read that he has been denied asylum in USA, the country which encouraged him, was supposedly his friend and to whom Musharraf had his allegiance tied to. He will now probably go to Turkey or Iraq or to some other Muslim country.

As for Pakistan, now it will be interesting to see how the civilian government will shape up the country, deal with separatist forces while at the same time curbing terrorism and reining in the terrorist mastermind, ISI. The whole world is on the watch. Yosouf Raza Gillani has much on his and his cabinet’s hands. We are all waiting for a positive turn.


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