u know…

How we always hear in movies and read in books these things, and then one day you realize it for actual in life. Something of that sort is happening these days with me. I don’t know if failure sharpens perception or isolation does it but I feel that I have been seeing the world a lot more clearly and have drawn some conclusions based on my own and general experiences. Here, I share some of those:

1. People are basically good: At least 90% of them are. As for me, I am glad that I am friends with people who belong in the 90% category and are really concerned about me. Most of the people I know are good. The surprising fact was that the quarters from where I expected biggest insensitiveness provided me the greatest relief on account of their kindness. I have stared believing in the world as a whole which a few months ago I had dismissed. Sure, there are selfish reasons etc but they are just that selfish and not for harming other people ( if they do, well, nothing can be done, cause man is a selfish creature ).

2. Successful people are the most unsatisfied. Perhaps that is why they are successful because they are always looking to reach higher standards. That is a totally acceptable phenomena. But what is sad about this is that such kind of people are never really able to have an unburdened moment of fun. That fun time is constrained by one stipulation or another which is mostly self imposed. I dont know if that is a good or a bad thing because I really feel that this is one life we get and that one should try to be happy in it other than anything else. But off course, everyone has their own priorities.

3. Self Help is the only help and it is as simple as that. You have to help yourself at all times and at all costs. Outside “help” is fictional. It might seem like someone is really doing something for you but the truth is that they are just the stimulants , rather the lubricants, the machinery is the self and if that does not work, however much oiling you do , there will be no output. Believing in self is the utmost priority.

And the last thing, which is just a whimsical prejudice of mine, is that I hate talented people filled with self loathing and pity and scolding. By doing so, they disregard the evolutionary gift which they have got. As important as it is to improve the present, it is as important to respect it in its form and glory so that the modifications that we make are compatible with and flattering to the existing form.

Lots of philo bullshitting ! Happens when you are awake ar 4 in the morning !


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