Bollywood sucks!

What’s all this fuss about SIngh is Kingg? With one look at the name and at the storyline and then the actors and the directors etc one can say for sure that the movie will try to exploit all the masala and fail to do so badly. Yet lately, in all the Bollywood news I have been hearing about this film only. Good marketing is a good thing. But when the product you are marketing is a sadela galela second class picture , then why so aggressive?

I believe the makers know that noone is going to watch the film on its merit so what they do is to create a hoopla about it so that it gets a solid opening. And then when one hears that the film has opened so big, there will be a curiosity to see it and hence the film will manage 2-3 weeks in the theatres. The same happened with Tashan and I am ashamed to say that I watched it in the picture hall ..boohooohooo.

Katrina Kaif might be mighty pretty and all but the truth is that she is absolutely monotonous and sucks at acting. I am not going to watch a pretty face for 3 hours. There ha to be some content. Akshay Kumar when he switched to comedy was a fresh change and he entertained then but now its old and rotten and his comedy has started stinking. Ohh I don’t know what I am pissed about more, this movie in particular or the whole phenomena of Bollywood producers and directors taking the audience for a ride, serving absolutely anything without any worth. Shooting a film outdoors does not make it good people.!

It just sucks that there can’t even be 5 decent movies in a year where Bollywood boasts to be the largest movie churner. Are we so short on skills? I think not ! These suckers like Kunal Kohli and the types have to go. God, I am so glad that Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic was such a big flop.


16 thoughts on “Bollywood sucks!

  1. This movie is purely offensive to ALL SIKHS and to our holy religion SIKHISM. How can you portray yourself as a SINGH ( a pure name given by our great GURU GOBIND SINGH JI Maharaj ), with a shaved beard, drinking alcohol, eating meat and acting as a Underworld Smuggling King?
    Akshay Kumar didn’t have to act like a Sikh to do this stupid and pretentious movie. He could’ve acted as a normal Hindu or something else and NOT USE THE HOLY NAME “SINGH”. This movie had NO relevance to him being a Sikh whatsoever. This is just creating a HOLY WAR.
    Akshay Kumar recently told in an interview that he came up with this name for the movie by reading it on the back on some truck in India. Thats it? So just to get publicity and fame, he thought that this “CATCHY PHRASE” would make a nice, entertaining movie.

  2. I am sorry but I dont think that there is anything to get so inflamed about. Do all Sikhs never cut hair? I have seen many who do. Does no Sikh drink alcohol. I am sorry but after living in a Punjabi majority area I was to conclude that drinking is a routine in those people’s lives. And does no Sikh ever does any bad thing? I have seen a Sikh kill his own brother and run away. There are all kinds of people in all religions. No religion is a storehouse of ultimate purity. So I would suggest that you grow some tolerance and refrain from making statements as stupid as “Holy War”. If you are educated and considerate and thinking individual you would think twice before taking such extreme offense from a movie and not granting them the creative license.

  3. All Bollywood Movies are crap!!!. Singh is king ………………sucks…………………Dirty Indian Movies……………:)

  4. Ha ha,bmstara is just some dumb NRI fcuk,probably a khalistani supporter aswell,screw you mate.

    PS:bollywood indeed sucks the big one.

  5. Yea, I can absolutely confirm that every Bollywood film ever made is utter bullshit and to call them unwatchable would be an understatement. Musicals? Suck. Lame plots? Suck. Slaves to cliche formulas? Suck. Stereotypes? Suck. Prudes? Suck. So, sorry to inform anybody who hasn’t figured it out yet on their own but Bollywood most definitely sucks without a doubt.

  6. Sikhs can eat meat. I am Amritdhari and can eat meat. There is a famous incident where Guru Gobind Singh killed Bandha’s goats and fed himself and his men.

    Sikh are Kshatriya and can eat meat. Not pussy Vashnavites.

  7. you stupid asshole, how can u eat meat when u r amritdhari. Guru gobind singh never killed goats and fed his men. u r the stupid sikh i ever saw. u should be proud to be sikh. not to disrespect to our religion. And one thing don’t ever eat meat if u r amritdhari. that’s disrespectful.

  8. bollywood films are totally bullshit….. and the ordiance also like to eat bullshit thats why producers and directors are making this kind of bullshit movies…….

  9. I think we were here to discuss bollywood instead of religion or Sikhism. Why do u have to get so offensive when its very clear to you and me that they didn’t do it intentionally and they do not have any hatred about your religion or your people.

  10. I am SICK of being SIKH. I am SICK of having to wear a fucking turban. I am SICK of having to comb my mile-long hair and treat it for lice. I am SICK of having to get a thorough inspecition because of my bangles. I am SICK of getting into trouble with the cops because of my dagger.

    Goodbye, SICKISM. Hello, AGNOSTICISM!

  11. Bollywood totaly sucks not only in terms of the crap they dish out, but also because it promotes the Asian culture of fair skin worship. People like SRK seem to be getting lighter skinned every year and promote racism in a bottle (fair and lovely).

  12. They portray all minorities in a bad n stereotypical light. Why is it that all muslims either are good in singing ghazals or are terrorists? Why are all south indians well versed in tamil even though they are portrayed being from some other south indian state? Why is it so necessary for all goan guys to have a guitar ? And all western women are white with blonde hair? These things sell in our land. And at the end if some of the films are worth anything, then they will be a complete copy of a hollywood movie, down to the dialogues anc catch phrases used in it ! What the heck, even the name is a copy of another world famous film industry ….

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