Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda

Yesterday I watched this much talked about movie “Kung Fu Panda” from the DREAMWORKS house. The central character is a panda who makes his dream come true of becoming a Dragon Warrior. How he does it is the whole film.

Now what works for the movie is the characterization of Po, the Panda, who is fat, big, clumsy, a dreamer and totally adorable. Another thing is the comic timing and the element of lightness that ensues seemingly tense moments. I had a hearty laugh at quite a few instances. A very feel good movie and that makes it a good timepass. There are lessons too there like persistence, believing in self and that there is no secret ingredient to create success. In fact that is the main message of the movie that success comes not from some special gift or formula but because of desire, persistence and belief in the self.

So, I liked the movie. Animation was good. Kungfu principles also were presented in the glorified but acceptable ways. Rating is 4/5.


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