How susceptible?

Last week’s headlines have shown to us and all the world that how utterly unprepared we are to stop terrorist attacks from taking place and also the fact that there are people dwelling in this country who would not hesitate to kill hundreds of people for something which we will not even know as they are not daring enough to show their faces and make their demands.

I would say terrorism is the ultimate form of COWARDICE. What possibly could they gain by killing some innocent people who do not even know why they are dying? Is it to make the government hear? I should say its a very bad strategy because government really does not care that much ( not here, not now at least ). The responsibility is traced back to some obscure organization which invariably is further linked to ISI. This has been happening for like 20 years and will keep happening. The question is what is to be done. I for one am clueless. To adopt an equally brutal way of retaliation, will kill more innocent ones whereas being soft is only sending inviting signals to the elements of terror.

It is a severely disappointing situation and I believe that whichever Dog first thought if such ways must be rotting in hell. I am deeply saddened and threatened and most of all exasperated. It needs to stop right now. What can we do? What can be done? Whats the way out? Where is the understanding? Where is the aim?

Lets hope that these questions get answered somehow at the earliest.


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