Movie Review : Jaane Tu ya Jaane na…

So, I had heard a lot of positive ravings about this movie and I thought well, Imran Khan looks cute, Genelia is saucy so yeah I can give it a try. And try I did. And, well, the movie was OK. It did not generate anything in me as in no bad or good feeling. I sort of had a very indifferent outlook towards it. The story was utterly cliched but I knew that beforehand. Acting was alright. Imran is promising. Genelia too but sometimes her south Indian pronunciations become a little pronounced which is very fine. I am just saying that it catches your attention unnecessarily. Smita Patil’s son ( I forget his name) was good too. I hope he will go far carrying the legacy of two such great actors.

Everything was so-so. There were some fun and smile moments but they came rather irregularly and the worst thing was the airport scene. Because of these foolish, highly sentimental airport scenes where the girl is going, boy is running, gets caught somewhere but manages to reach even after about 20 incompetent guards try to stop him and then there is the benevolent head of police who believes in young love. Dear devil, it was too much to handle. I am sorry but thats not done and that too in an Aamir influenced film. Ending was sad and so was Genelia’s haircut. She looked ridiculous.

Anyway, not as nice as i expected and hoped it would be. A total timepass. That’s my verdict. What’s yours?


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