Shaurya – The story of a few good men

The title says the thing that shaurya movie is an adaptation of “A Few Good Men”. One might even say that it is a refined copy as some scenes are almost an exact copy. BUT, and thats a big but (butt..hehehe sorry for the pj, but could not stop) Shaurya, is an independently awesome movie. If one ignores the fact that its inspiration lies somewhere else then one cannot remain unimpressed. The story and the plot is good as it is ( of the original ). It is one of the best I have ever come across in movies. Then there comes the acting part. With K.K. Menon, you know what to expect and you get that and much more. Rahul Bose is a pleasant actor as always. Minnisha Lamba surprised with her skills as an actress. However, the looks were very cliched, They could have given her some other better look. I am just bored with women journalists looking like that. Amrita Rao, plays the role of a sophisticated and bittered Indian widow well enough. Javed Jaffrey got a chance for acting and that is a good thing because he has done well. Quite. So, the Indian version is as good as the original. The only thing that pinches is that it happens to be “The Indian Version”. I have lamented again and again the fact that Bollywood is such a great cheater. They need not be. There are so many wonderful writers waiting here to be heard and noticed. Why not give them a chance. Another thing about the actors is that the directors here have absolutely no intention or the capability to make use of some of the finest actors that we have today. I am talking about the makers of Krazzy 4 and many others. They assembled such fine actors and concocted some shit which was not even worth pitying and off course the only good thing that happened in the movie was the song Break Free which now everyone knows is a copy.
Inspiration is one thing and plagiarism is another. What we have going on here is not the one of the better kind. It just has me going on the angrier side.

But one thing, K K Menon is a fantastic actor. I just know why he does not get more roles. I think there is not much quality available and that is why he refrains from accepting roles every now and then. I like Rahul Bose 🙂

I have started watching the Prsion Break series and have fallen in love with Scofield. Wentworth Miller is sooo beautiful and manly at the same time.


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