IPL drama!

It is but that. Total drama! I would call Indian Premiere League as the Mac Donald’s of cricket which serves Twenty-20 as the fast food which is spicy, hot and makes your senses rush, gives you instant entertainment. I do not know how much positive impact is it going to have on the cricket as a game but it certainly has done its best to merge the already popular game with celebrities and industrialists pushing in further in the face of media. With all this focus and attention, there are bound to be dramas happening, events to be blown out of proportion and tempers flying. Now, the most accomplished actors or stars in this that have emerged are the Harbhajan Singh of the “symonds-monkey-actually-maa ki” fame and fiery temper who already has one hit episode in his kitty with the australian tour. Following closely is the Sreesanth pretty known for his antics on field, of his affinity in picking up fights and dramatic abilities. What happens when in short match of 40 overs these two meet as the captains of opposing team? One loses and is fingered by the winner. Mumbai loses and Punjab emerges the winner. Result? Harbhajan Singh slaps Sreesanth? You are shocked? You say that winning and losing happens in almost every match and yet slapping has never happened before? Well, you are right and at the same time let me welcome you to the new age of ungentlemanly cricket where temper control is a thing of the past. Sreesanth cried like a baby on yesterday’s front page of newspaper and today both Bhajji and Sree were splashed all smiling and hugging. Histrionics of the third class totally in play. They have taken the level of twenty20 to a new low.

In any sport, what a player first learns is the sportsmanship ie to win and lose with grace. Neither to jump when happy nor to break down when low, to treat the opposition with respect while being competitive at the same time. That is the true spirit of any game. But i guess, in today’s world there is no place for things like values and spirits in any field, let alone sports where testerones are flowing high and much is at stake.

Whatever, one may say, this episode has earned a bad name for IPL. Harbhajan totally deserved the ban. It should not have gone unpunished. These both players should learn to behave much more maturely and control their on field temperaments. Rest, well I hope that some good comes out of IPL in the coming future,


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