Lead India – Comments

I generally dislike the dip which Times of India has shown in the quality of its journalism in going from an informative newspaper to the chatpata style. So much so that me and my friends and many more people call it The Trash of India jokingly. BUT and all with capital letters, I am all praise for the “Lead India” initiative which they took and carried with full gusto and aplomb. It was a very thoughtful and very encouraging gesture for the young, educated wannabes of the politics. They might have failed into converting it into a real leadership opportunity but they have very successfully provoked thoughts in the minds of interested men and women and given those people the nudge who were sitting on the borders. All the candidates were good. Not all were equal but each was passionate about what they wanted to do to contribute to India’s development while being successful professionals at the same time. Judges were also good. About Javed Akhtar and Kiran Bedi we all know but I found that the Sr. Editor of TOI Rajiv Singh was also an intelligent and sensible person.

I think that the verdict which was final was correct. Mr. R.K. Mishra has all that it takes to be a politician but the best part is that he is already active and going in the right direction till now at least. I also appreciate the efforts of Sanjiv Kaura and Ranjeet Gadgil who have been very active in social work in these past years.

I felt it was a funny thing that happened when the political leaders from three leading parties were called and asked if they would give these candidates the ticket from their party. And guess what, these people who had been advocating that there should be leadership from youth and all the blah blah unashamedly and I thought even rather un-diplomatically refused straight away saying that they were not going to give someone a ticket unless they benefited their political party and conformed to their ideology and that they would only be considered after ensuring the selfishness of the party. So much for the bullshitting earlier that youth should join, educated professionals should join. When someone does come forward in national interest, it is the bloody party whose interest has to be served before anything else. Case in point of how politics has been reduced to just a game of power and nothing else. The thing that made me laugh was that how hypocritical these leaders were and not a bit unabashed at changing their propositions in one instant. I guess being a politician that is the first thing you learn. They claim that its not easy and that they have worked since their 20’s to achieve this level they are at ( whatever the “level” is ). Well, I think that a candidate’s merit can equal another’s years of labor. Oh yeah, and the three leaders were Amar Singh from BSP, Abhishek Singhvi from Congress and Arun Jaitley from BJP. Also, I felt that the BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad was a great orator and talked to the point with great fluency and intellect.

Lead India as an effort is praiseworthy. It is a fresh change amidst all the nonsense west-copied reality shows. I don’t know if it is copied format or not ( I hope it is not ) but it was a very welcome sign between all the dancing and singing hullabaloo. I know its late and it has ended almost 2-3 months ago but I saw it only recently and could not help but post this.


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