Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – Review

I saw the first scene and I was hooked. I decided that I am going to stay with this movie because the first scene and its dialogues tell you that that it is going to be interesting. Plus, it was Jason Statham there ( of the transporter fame ). So, I sat on and the movie began and it ended and I was left wowed. Boy, was that a good movie? It was a great movie. The situations were amazing. The  puzzle created at the beginning fit in very nicely at the end. And, at some places it was just hilarious. Although, there was a lot of violence and that was the only thing that seemed a bit crude to me. Other than that, the screen writing , the camera work (very noticeable), the dialogues, all were superb and fantastic. The concept as well as execution was very well done and of course, I am not the only one to say so. This movie has been praised critically and by audiences alike and rightly so. When I first heard of it, I delayed watching it for quite a long time because I thought it would be some another gangster movie and I was not very much in the mood of violence those days. Then, I finally decided to watch it yesterday and boy, I was pleasantly surprised.

The only bad thing that came out of it was me knowing that Priyadarshan’s “Phir Hera Pheri” is a remake of this movie to the extent that the dialogues are directly translated from the english into Hindi and that even the scene and the settings are very similar. And, I realized this as I was watching the movie because the visuals were so similar as was the plotline . I just hate it. Why does Bollywood have to make copies all the time? Inspiration is good but copying??? Thats just bullshitting your audience. And well if you are going to make an absolute copy, at least mention that. And to think of it that in Bollywood award functions, these people are so proud on winning or receiving a nomination and expect junta to give them the whole credit. Seriously, there is some huge low class business going on there. All thieves. is creativity in such short supply? It makes me sad.


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