something !

I always have been a believer in the instantaneous but now I realize that things come slowly. They build a lot of history behind them before coming to you and no one realizes these things before they are supposed to. Seems like destiny talk? Well, yeah! Funnily enough, of late I have come to believe quite a lot in the destiny factor and I am thinking that perhaps I have finally decoded the work of my choice as according to my destiny. Everything seems to fall in place except a few things but then some things have to be out of place else where is the fun in life? I am also thinking that when you know what you are made to do, you just know. Your heart fills with pleasure. Your mind and body and everything point it to you. The path I am choosing now is very very difficult. Very difficult. But I am passionate and I think that I will be able to carry my passion along and overcome the obstacles. Moreover, history seems to say that I am an occasional shiner that a regular one and that occasion has now come. Starting May 1, it is going to be new life of toil, labour but determination and certainty. I hope that I am making the right choice. In any case, I am ready for the risk. Here I Come U..C.


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