just musings

What is it that brings gravity and character to a person? Is it a shy and reserved nature? I guess not. Many people who are introverts and shy are very shallow. Then what? Does being extrovert means that you are of strong character. Not necessarily. I think that the behaviour that you exhibit when you are in the dumps and things that you do to get out of it is what makes or breaks one’s character. I believe it is the determination and the consistency in persistence that gives one’s character the weight that is needed.

I don’t know, but I feel a maturity with every passing day this time and have found myself admiring people and things that I would not even consider before. I am in a good learning time.

I am happy rather jubilant because my labor in the literature course has paid off beautifully till now. I am a little more confident now that I can do well in the writing part.


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