Ha! so now I know something about how an adaptation is done. I know some ways of it and meanings of it in different contexts. So, I guess I finally learned something and in a formal manner. I must really really give credit to the instructor who was able to make me learn something in a classroom in a formal manner. But actually thats the point. The classes were mostly informal and discussions were great. The inputs were well received and appreciated and criticized as and when necessary. This is the perfect way to teach. To explain a concept and then take an example and discuss it to death and discussion means where all participate. One counters that analytical subjects like maths etc cannot be taught in that way. Well, I would like to differ. I think everything in this world can be taught by this method and everything would be so interesting to learn. But off course, the labour that the teacher is expected to give is too much for it and we all know how most people take the easy route. Anyway, maybe this is because I am disgruntled and may be I will not fully agree with this post in the future but for now, this is what I think.

And I think that I have to now straighten things up.


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