Just don’t tell me how to do something.  Tell me WHY to do it? Because I am supposed to is not a good reason. Because people will think good/or is the worst reason. Because it leads to other things which are interesting is probably a much better reason. Because it has my curiosity evoked and forces me to work is the best reason. Because I feel passionate about it is another very good reason and thats what I want.

I want to feel passionate about a thing in life. There is absolutely no aim or agenda with me right now and that is killing my spirits and my enthu and my whole being.

On another note,

What if you are the patient as well as the psychiatrist? As in you understand clearly what your problems are and you talk to yourself about sorting it out but still can’t help falling into the ditch again.

I think that sounds pretty mental. A second psychiatrist is required 😛

P.S. I am not suffering from any kind of mental problems if you got on thinking that from the stuff above 🙂 . I was simply wondering what if?


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