Sitar Funk!

What do you know about them? I knew nothing about 2 days back and then on Sunday I attended their concert because my friends sort of dragged me to it. And you know what? I am so thankful to them for not letting me miss it because they were awesome.

They play all sort of music from classical to fusion to rock and the instruments are sitar, tabla, synthesizer and drums. What instrumental music. Totally phenomenal. Nothing like we have ever heard before. It takes you in a trance kind of a mode. Brilliant and we say what’s happening to classical music. Well Sitar funk is happening to Indian Classical and fusion and it is going great guns. Niladri, the person on Sitar , he plays it with a lightning speed and with one hand and plays it better than what one would play on guitar. Jino Banks on drums was amazing again. And I am not able to remember the name of tabla player but I have never heard such and enjoyed tabla so much.

I was an amazing amazing experience. Their concert is recommended. You might even start loving music if you don’t already and if you do then you will be able to appreciate it even better.


2 thoughts on “Sitar Funk!

  1. Hello there.I was there too and trust me one of my friends has all the credit for dragging me down there– much like you. amazing it was.could not believe that someone so indigenous could be missing the people around who claim to be so very happening.It was a treat being there.

    Dropped down here while googling for Sitar funk ! Nice post

  2. First, thanks for dropping a comment.

    Yes, It was pretty amazing and those who missed it missed major display of talent and would definitely regret it. I am glad that we were able to witness it.

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