The Inheriatnce of Loss – Kiran Desai

It won the Man Booker Prize in 2006.

This is a truly fantastic work by Kiran Desai, completely deserving of all the accolades that she has gotten for it. Although set in 1980’s , the book is a window giving us the glimpse of current immigration, globalization, economic disparity, terrorism, fundamentalism and social(class, caste and creed) problems in the Indian society. While it raises questions about all important issues from all sides, it also weaves many heart wrenching tales alongside. The description of Kalimpongt lifestyle and beauty is mesmerizing. The moral, ethical and philosophical musings are spread all over the book. The reader is expected to hear both the sides of stories of every dilemma and make up his/her own mind. Its a work of genius. To be so impartially written and yet invoking every possible feeling. That of pain, hope, pity, guilt, anger, disgust, indifference, ridicule, romance. All it does not give is a feeling of unadulterated joy. But then there is the question that is it even possible?

A wonderful book!! Definitely recommended with all sincerity


One thought on “The Inheriatnce of Loss – Kiran Desai

  1. Hey I loved this book too! read it long back tho. I loved the romance with which Kalimpong is depicted and the pitiful musings of the gal. It was joy reading the book. Truly.

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