Movie Review: Jodha Akbar

I saw Jodha Akbar last night and I liked the movie. I did. It was visually stunning. All compliments to the director and the cinematographer. Battle scenes as well as the most tender of the scenes are shot with equal aplomb. Hritik Roshan is totally rocking as Akbar and to my surprise, Aishwarya plays Jodha just as well. The costumes, oh my god! They are rich, extravagant and amazingly beautiful. The sets..too good. The camera angles are nice and so is the choreography in the song Azeemo-shan-shehenshah. Music by Rehman is not his best but surely it fits the movie and suits the mood. Sonu Sood plays a brilliant supporting role and so does Ila Arun. The shots of elephants and horses are brilliant.

Thats the praise part and I am impressed by the movie. However, it is not without its flaws. It certainly is not at the level of Troy but it would be extremely unfair to compare it to Troy and such and don’t do it but what I am saying is that if there had been more money and resources, Gowariker would have done even better. Make no mistake that the movie is a depiction of history. It is a completely fictitious love tale involving historical figures as big as Akbar. The background and some of the battles are recorded in the history but that’s it. There is no account of the love story between Jodha and Akbar in historical texts. In fact, there is doubt as to if Jodha Bai was Akbar’s wife or daughter-in-law. But what is certain is that Akbar had a Rajput wife ( who was made to convert to Islam, as against what is shown in the picture ). But that does not really matter if you see the movie as a tale told without worrying about its historical accuracy. I believe we should give movies that freedom.

It was an aesthetically pleasing movie all along and well paced. That is why the 3.5 hour length did not matter that much. Hritik looked damn good! For one moment I could not think of him as anyone else other than Akbar. He got into the groove so well. Aishwarya did what she does best: looking stunningly beautiful as an Indian woman. Man! She looked so gorgeous in the Neeta Lulla costumes.

Beautiful movie and laudable effort by Gowariker. I think it could not have been what it is if the director was someone else. The scenes are shot and connected with a keen eye and mastery. Although the story is pretty melodramatic but Ashutosh handles it well.
Applause! One can watch it once if they are even a tad romantic and a little bit more open minded who can tolerate a little tweaking of history.


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