Dracula – Bram Stoker

My reading spree continues but this time only due to an assignment and not so much because of will. Dracula was a long book and it certainly took much effort and time to read.

Dracula is a pure Gothic horror story based in 18th century England and has all elements of it. It is very nicely written and one can imagine the horror and chill. Also, the book is completely in the form of journal entries and letters and telegrams and newspaper clippings. This gives us a very personalized view of the situations. Plus, it reinforces the sense of horror through many first person narratives. He has used different accents for people of different places and Van Helsing himself has been given a rather poor command on English language as he belongs to Germany. This sets the mood right and audience is able to believe in the tale, it enhances the believability. Although it is a work of fantasy fiction, it is mainly based in the realm of realism and I say this because everything takes place in the real world however there are some unworldly characters.

It sure is an interesting read where you get to see all the English customs and courtesies and grandeur with horror. I am sure that if I had it read it while holidaying I would have enjoyed it much more since my fantasies would have been allowed much space to run then. Took me around 13 hours to read. It was 684 pages long and the biggest trouble was that I had to read it as an e-book. Today is a day of much writing as after finishing these two rather longish posts, I have to write an analysis of the Dracula Story. This is going to be a long day!! hmphhh Monday blues already there.


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