Being Myself – Martina Navratilova

I have become a reading fanatic these days and am totally enjoying it. I was wanting to read biographies and I chanced upon this autobiography of Martina Navratilova. I am a huge fan of her and am myself a tennis player so I thought that I would read it and what a read it was. Truly good. Some people are born to be great and they know it. They make sacrifices which takes them where they are. Her story is about being true to oneself, being sure and taking action.

She faced many things in life, hard ones, but came out of it only better. Also, through this book one comes to know that she is a pretty emotional person and even screwed her career many times for people and problems arising due to it. One would think that is pretty unprofessional but here we have a Number one champion as sentimental as you and me. Not so inspiring as I thought it would be to me personally but definitely an admirable one. One simply tends to admire her tenacity.

Long live Martina!!! A good book – just the kind to read when you are confused as to what to choose between a serious and totally senseless book.


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