i love poppins!

why? because it is candy first of all. Second because it is so colourful. Third because it is only for Rs. 2/. Yay!! In this day and age if one can get anything for rs 2 this good then they must feel lucky.

I like the surprise element which it contains. The excitement of finding a yellow one after a red one is comparable to treasure hunting. The disappointment of finding pink one after another is greater that missing a movie. The companionship with the mouth is constant. All the colors almost taste the same but still just being a different color makes them much more interesting their own ways. They also serve as signals of friendship. If I give you my favorite color then that means that you are important to me and you should take note. For god’s sake, I am giving you my favorite colored candy. If I give you the one I least like, then well, you know what position you are in in my court ;). And just imagine there are like 10 of those colorful sweet buddies in there , in one packet , waiting to be explored, to be popped out of the wrapper and popped into the mouth…ha!

So, i reassert my undying love for Poppins!!!! I love you Poppins!!!


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