Amitabh and Breaking news !


Check this out : This is the breaking news for one of the major national news channel “Aaj Tak”  in our country. And what is that breaking news ? That an actor catches cold.!! Really!!! Here, I have an eye infection, sore throat, fever and cold all ta the same time. Don’t you think that ought to be a bigger news?? I mean now they have even crossed the lines of being ridiculous. The next thing we know we are having “Amitabh Bacchan is going to the loo to attend his motions” flashing on my TV in my face. Really? Has it come to that? Have you fallen that short of news? Ask me, I will give you some spicy news..anything but this? Nothing to take away from Amitabh Bacchan. The man is a great actor and so the country acknowledges by paying to watch his movies, by paying to see him in ads,  by paying him to come and grace parties, by making a wax statue of his, some idiots have also started constructing  a temple of his . How much more do you give to a person? Keeping the nation informed about his cold infections on national news and that too breaking news…Really?? Again, Really???

This stuff makes me wonder that thepeople that we consider Gods today must have been actors in their times. Think about it, 200 years from now, there will be temple with amitabh in it and his posters and lots of material on him edifying him and deifying him. So, when a person 200 years from now finds them, he is deemd to think that he was some sort of god. Not to forget that he has taken many avatars in many of his films, right? Fighting the bad people and helping the poor, being the good dad, a romantic lover, the comedian and so many others. He has a much bigger repertoire of roles that Ram or Krishna have. So , he will be considered a bigger God.

If this is possible then it is quite possible that the Ram and Krishna that we worship today were some kind of theatre artists then and played the roles of valiant heroes and have now gotten famous as the Lord almighty. Interesting !! Isn’t it??


One thought on “Amitabh and Breaking news !

  1. AajTak used to be good news channel until about a couple of years ago. Then several of its correspondents were lost having been head-hunted by other news channels (there is no dearth of them anyway). It reduced into being a farce news service, thereafter. They nowadays would only show ghost stories, live coverage of miracles and suicide attempts and Bollywood GupShup.

    Btw, I have a serious side of Amitabh’s filmy affairs posted on my blog here:

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