why do people lie?

Ever thought about that? Well, off course it is not a new and revolutionary thought to have been discussed for the first time on my blog. Not at all. In fact the question has been relevant since man began to question the reasons behind the actions that we perform. So, what is the reason? Why do people lie?

Is it because they are born rogues? Is it because it is their blood? But, common people lie too. Perfectly mannered people, highly respected people, greatest people lie. May be not a life-taking or earth shattering lie but some tid-bits of false words here and there very often. I will have to confess I have lied too on many occasions. I am sure you will have lied too at least once or twice ( I know its much more than that :P) in your lifetime. So, are you cold blooded and heartless. Am I a cheat and a scoundrel? No, I am not, you are not and many others are not but we do lie. Why is that?

I have the theory that people lie because they are expected to. Expected to? You would say that this is the biggest bullshit one can say. To be expected to lie! Imagine that. But as tantamount to crap that is, I think that is the prime reason. We are expected to lie because we are not expected to remain silent. It is only in the curious (very curious, sometimes to the extent of being irritating) nature of human beings to find an answer to every question that is being raised in their minds. When those questions concern you, you are expected to answer them and not remain silent which will not only not satisfy their demand but also intrigue them further. They might even expect that there is some mystery and deception going on there. So much for keeping your ideas private. And if you don’t really want to answer those questions and avoid the sarcastic comments, questioning glances and raised eyebrows as well, you will have to fabricate a lie. To satisfy the appetite. Somehow, we don’t want to leave others to themselves. Wherever I go, I have found the topic of conversation being another person almost 90% of the times.

So as the case be, I either remain silent if possible or lie if truth is to be withheld for whatever reasons. Sometimes, in case of ordinary people like you and me, I think that if a person is not really comfortable sharing secrets ( or even non-secrets ) with you, we should just let them be, rather than forcing them to lie in an effort to satisfy our eternally unsatiated appetites.


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