Jobs galore!

I am really surprised to see people around me acting in such a maddening way. They just want to be patted on the back whether the thing for which they get the pat interests them or not is immaterial.  I will just cite some examples:

1. Statement: CAT dena hai

Question : kyun bhai? ( why? ). You interested in management?

Answer: Because I am not interested in my subject. Management ka to pata nahi yaar but acing in CAT will establish that I am a good  test taker and brilliant.

2. Statement: Finance job leni hai

Question : why again? do you even know what finance is? ..

Answer : Don’t even know the ABCD of finance yaar! But I have to go there because then only I will be considered chaapu and worthy plus the salary is so great yaar!

3. Statement: Teri salary kitni hai? 6.5? accha..chalo koi nahi ..theek hi hai

Reaction : nearly 40,000 a month…for starting ..theek hai? :O and the vanity.

I mean I just cannot understand that what has gotten into these people who are not thinking with their minds but with I don’t know what!! So much vanity in people of 22-23 years…so much pride and discrimination. This is really serious. It’s all about the strategy fo catching them young. I have a lot to say about all this but later.


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