Judges that we are!

Some people are termed mad in this world. But are we all not mad. Some are mad for money, some for love, some are madly ambitious and few mad about superstars. We are all mad in our own ways : conventionally or unconventionally. Then , what right do we have to term other people as out of way. What is the way? Does anyone know? Who is to say what is the way? And when noone does then why do we keep judging the people?

We are all judges in our lives. ” She is a bitch or he is a moron…oh! he is great. That woman is useless” Isn’t this what we do. Yeah! That’s what we all do- constantly measure the actions of other with some parameters that we do not even know. There is this tendency to put things into categories with clearly well defined boundaries. But does it really happen this way?

I believe everyone of us is a world of their own! How can you categorize someone so narrowly? It prejudices our thoughts so much that it cripples us in a way, by denying the vision to actually see the aspect that we have already assumed.

I personally think that being judgmental is not good. So, from now on I would try to avoid being one. I sure can not help others being so but what I can change and improve is me and that I am going to do. No prejudices!! No judgments. Plain observation.


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