Cricket and Sachin!

I just re-realized that how much I love cricket and that too when Team India is playing. Specially, the yesterday’s match and the one before were specially exhilarating. The Indian team is playing their best right now and it has reflected well in their series win over Pakistan on the home grounds after 23 years or so.

Cricket does something , it invokes a feeling which is inexplicable but let me try to explain it here. It feels as if through the players and your home team you are living your dream- to be going out there and thrashing the hell out of the other team, asserting your supremacy, being the big daddy of the game and more importantly, feel a togetherness. That is what it does. It binds all of us Indians with a single emotion. It gives us a platform to beat and enjoy. Every 4, every 6 is a celebration and every wicket is a mourning signal.  No wonder Cricket enjoys such a status in this country.

And what post about Indian Cricket can go without the mention of the master blaster “Sachin R Tendulkar”? None! He is an amazing player. Off course, I don’t need to say that. It has been evinced over and over again but just to restate the known, the man plays with such flair and flamboyance as if he is creating a piece of art. And, so he does. The way he so naturally plays the most difficult of shots with such remarkable ease is outstanding. I know I have not got the words that would describe the magic of this little master but this attempt itself describes how mesmerized I was yesterday seeing him play! All I could say was a plain “WOW!!!!”

Here’s for the eyes:

Sachin Tendulkar


The Man Himself in Action

I bow to thee and thy talent and show of great soprts and sportsmanship


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