I get it !

Today I got to know what exactly is the reason for my underperformance. I have stopped being competitive. If someone else performs better, I take it easily as if it is granted and that the other person was meant to do it better than me. That is what hurts. That is what has led to my downfall. I have stopped fighting and taking challenges. Instead of feeling that I will show them that I am smarter I casually dismiss the matter as unimportant and this attitude has been suicidal and if I do not correct it then it will continue to be so. Now that I have realized that what is the fault , I am more likely to rectify it.

Anyway, maths classes for CAT are interesting. I have started liking them and have started enjoying. Lets see whats going to happen in December 2007 which is not very far as a matter of fact. I should now plan big time and act. Its the announcement for battle. We will see you in the battlefield people. I am gonna rock it !


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