The Brain!

I spent the last evening watching a documnetary on the human mind and it rekindled the fascination I had for the human brain. Just imagine, I am astonished ( which is an activity controlled by the brain) to see how the brain works…:) pretty interesting ain’t it? Off course! There is such a curiosity to know what exactly happens inside there. I believe that is one of the main reasons for all of us(science people) behind getting into the science stream because we were interested in finding out how things work.

Come to think of it i have seen my natural curiosity dying with the years that i have been in college. This is very strange because here we are supposed to learn so many things that there should be a high shoot up in the levels of curiosity but sadly it is going down :(. I blame this to the fact that we are supposed to study and do well in those subjects too which we despise the most. And to the fact that I am very very bad at taking orders and that I would not do a thing which i don’t truly like. Well, interestingly again , all this is again controlled by the brain. What makes mine differ from others? Why is it that some people can do things that they dont like while I cannot.It is Intense!

Today’s Computer Science’s one of the frontrunner research fields is Artificial Intelligence which tries to simulate the human brain. I wonder will we able to decode it all? And if we do what will happen next? We would have breached the walls of the supreme controller of our actions and others’-our brain.What will be the consequences? Will it be possible to modify it? Will it be possible to recreate it altogether? Te questions are endless and so are the possibilities. The time to come will give few answers also if not all. But between all this my curiosity to know what controls me and how it does it remains intact and I am now going to read to get some of my answers!

Best Wishes!


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