I liked Jaan-e-Mann. It has its set of flaws like the one which the editor turned director Shirish Kunder mabe by thinking of the movie as the paltform to display all his editorial skills at one go.He has done it pretty well mostly but seems to have gone overboard at some places. But these are like breezing shortcomings. On the whole, after the film you feel refreshed. It introduces the much desired new element into otherwise KJo-made-implies-pathetic-sob-stories and likes oriented bollywood.

Performances rule all the way. The Anupam Kher bit seems a little unwanted but it finishes off early so its ok. The Akshay’s guffaws are unforgettable and you seem to be laughing with him in his way.I love Akshay. I think he is highly underrated and once in good hands he can scale heights.
Salman is the stylish sweet sexy guy as usual and he carries his part with much aplomb.Love his looks. His stylishness has been exploited to the fullest. One tends to feel sorry for the recent happenings in his personal life not very justifiably though.Preity is pretty and her usual self as would be required by the role.But the maturity she has gained over time reflects here.The plot could have been more elaborate and the transitions between the serious and frivolous scenes a little slower.One thing about the movie is that you tend to notice that there’s something lacking but even then you are fully entertained all the way which normally doesn’t happen with me.

The fresh wave which the movie has brought clearly reflects the bravery of the director to pursue his vision and not get bogged down by the boring traditional bollywood routine.The one thing which i liked personally was the musical feel that the movie had in total.The picturization of the songs and some important dialogues delivered in the musical way caught attention and were actually good. It gave a certain amount of “Chichago” feel.I would really love a movie of the “Chicago” kind to be made here. You can always watch and appreciate the foreign films but something makes you want to have one in your own language.

What I loved most about the movie:
Akshay’s geekiness, Salman’s style, the song “Humko Maloom hai”, the colourfulness of the movie (which is also there in the KJo movies but with a somewhat haunting feel),the musical connection, hatke editing, likeable performances and the freshness which it brings to bollywwod storytelling.

Some flaws as per me:
poorly developed storyline, not all the songs are great, salman’s and preity’s get up in college,anupam kher’s part.

All in all, hate it or love it or be neutral…but don’t miss it. Give the novelty a chance.

I loved it. Got refreshed !!


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