The one thing that constantly irritates me these days is the dramatization of the simplest
and the stupidest of topics by the media and their constant efforts to put words into people’s mouth which in almost all the cases work for them, unless it is Ram Jethmalani or the likes. He has the guts and the authority to blow away the idiocy of the media in their face but not all are like that. I am deeply troubled by the insensitive and biased analysis of the events and the tendency of making a sensation out of each and everything.

Media plays a very crucial role in the lives of the people. Mostly on the basis of the news that we read and see, we form our view of the world and opinion about the things like governance, its policies, opportunities of growth, the market, sports scene et al. And our major source of knowing all this stuff is newspaper and TV. Not many people read books or try to collect information from authentic sources. In fact, very few do. But everyone watches TV and reads newspapers. If we are presented with only one facet and aspect of the scene and that too in the most ridiculous of ways  then we will lose the vision of clarity.

I think that this is the worst phase of journalism in Indian Society. Most of the reporters are simply not good and all they do is some pathetic acting by asking people questions like how they feel standing on their terrace or what do they eat in their lunch and how did they actually make that aaloo ki sabzi or how are they feeling standing in a burning building and talking to a reporter instead of running for their lives. What a concern about feelings!

I beg that we dont need news 24 hours a day if there is no news. Its getting worse and worse minute by minute. If you dont have solid stuff to show, please dont throw any nonsense at us and expect us to grab it. This is really going to the levels of insanity. Some hindi newspapers have stories like “ghar mein saanp ghus aaya” or “bacche ko mummy ne chaata maara”..spare me! English newspapers used to be good and are the saving graces but they have also begun to tread the same path with the Times of India becoming the Trash of India, and The Hindu going towards a major biasing campaign.

This sudden fury is a result of watching a news channel for about 10 minutes.

What the Heck! Internet rules!


One thought on “Media!

  1. very true …. Ghar me saanp ghus aaya was rocking … TOI is already carrying nothing but junk … i used to have high regards for the hindu …. not anymore … leave alone news channels … i never expected times now to interview Harbhajan’s mother when sreesanth was slapped … internet rocks for sure ..

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