back again!

1. Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death. The decision may have come as late as 2 years but it was decided the day he was captured. I do not want to get into the rightness or not of the sentence right away but one thing is certain that the trial was not fair. The whole trial  was just a way of legalizing what US had wanted and aimed at from the very beginning.

2. Tony Blair says that if the youth want to realy make a difference in the world, they should go for science and not for politics. He feels that the politicians find themselves very bounded and unable to do anything  when it comes to global warming or harnessing nuclear power and other such stuff. However, it also holds true that not everyone can become a person of science. Politicians have to be there to channel the resources, to bring into execution what has been suggested by the scientists!

3.  Antaragni ends and we are now left to wait for the endsems which will bring about the culmination of yet another semester. It was 4 days of unconsciousness, pure fun and memories to cherish. It has left us exhausted and overwhelmed. Time calls us to get back to routine works. And that we shall do.

This entry marks my return again to the blogworld and I hope not to vanish again soon!



2 thoughts on “back again!

  1. 1. saddam dead is a good thing ..
    the end justifies the means .. remember ? 🙂

    2. Blair is an ass .. 🙂

    3. antragini .. never been there ..but heard many great things about it .. looks like that is what had been kepping you away from blogs 🙂

  2. yep thats right…antaragni along with laziness kept me away from blogs…and exams and the vow of not studying brings me back to them! 🙂

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