Watched the movie “Lord of War”. Very good. Straight away targetting the US government and the ways it adopts to help flourish terrorism. Nicolas Cage was good.Most of the supporting cast was not upto the mark. The theme and the presentation was good but something lacked. It falls a little short in connecting to the audience. Anyway, with it I started the movie watching session again but I am now discontinuing. Don’t feel like watching movies anymore.

Have been planning since days to finish “Eragon” and “The Argumentative Indian”(TAI) but just can not get myself to read. I love the first line of the ” TAI ” which is : Prolixity is not alien to us in India. Am now fed up with the extreme GRE mugging environment all around. Need a refreshing break. All resolves for the weekend have been already broken as expected. Have been missing breakfast since more than two weeks now :(.  Certain dilemmas have cropped up and in general a feeling of discomfort has set in. Have a quiz o n Tuesday. Perhaps, that is the reason for all the bad feelings ;).

That’s all the absolute trash that my life is filled with recently!!



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