Me part 1

I love:–

1. Arbit small conversations with witty people.

2. Masti full hindi songs

3. Chhole bhature but only the home made ones

4. To tease my brother and get teased by him

5. To do as much leg pulling as I can

6. To dance alone and in discos

7. To not to cry while watching a movie.

8. Adrak wali chai

9. To dance in the rain with friends.

10. Cooking

11. To day dream

12. To say that “I hate chocolates” and eat a whole one after that

13. To think that I am reducing ( while actually i am putting on)

14. To wear the oldest clothes in the closet.

15. To buy ear ornaments

16. To Swim and play in a team

17. To open my mozilla thunderbird inbox every 10 5 or less minutes 🙂


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