For two long years, I have been confused and pestered by the eternal question “What will I do after I graduate?” I have slept thinking about it and woken up thinking about it. The problem was that with the given options I could not see myself fitting in any of those. I could not see myself doing a Phd, i could not see myself grilling for MBA or i could not see myself just sitting in an office doing a stagnant job. So, basically i had not found that dream thing that would make me happy.

Well, actually doing nothing at all will make me the most happy but then the food that i need to continue that happiness…who will provide that?? So, i dropped the idea of doing nothing and ventured forth to find something else that would give me satisfaction if not happiness. With the three options that i had earlier, i was being forced by myself to like one or the other while deep down i was not willing to do any of it .

Today, I was just struck by the idea of what i will actually like to do. And at the moment it seemed so obvious and natural and so suited a choice that i wondered that why did i not think of it earlier? Fortunately, it is not purely my field of graduation which i wanted to avoid but it is so much related to it that I will be in an advantage. It just seems so right the thing that I am as sure about it as I have never been about anything else. I still don’t know what my parents will think about it! I hope they agree happily.

Its an out of way thing, not many people go this way, but following the tradition of my choices that only increases its certainty. I can now clearly see what courses I will be doing for the rest of the two years and what will I be heading to. I am so elated. Today i am so sure about one thing that has always been a source of confusion. I dont know that what will happen after that . Its not a long term plan that I have made but still I am sure and that is what is important to me at this point. I hate being a stereotype. Till now i have succeeded in every way that would make me non-typical and this is another. May be thats why it is attracting me so much.

Yippee!!…I am happy so i will treat myself today ( wow! another self made reason to have a party) . I will go and have a chocolate mousse at Barista (as if i always do things like these on an occassion :P).

Its nice to be sure na!I can feel it now. It seems that for all these years i was wandering purposelessly but now i have a purpose after all. Life is so much more nice to live now with a goal to achieve.

But i am happy 😀 😀 😀 and thats most important. Hai na??

And oh yeah! I love this wordpress theme so much that i could not resist getting back to it.


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