15th April-nothing special

Today was the departmental farewell. Was not good enough. Neither did people turn up for bidding adieu nor did people come to get fared well. Anyway, a strange story came out from one of the retiring professors. In fact, that was the story. Inspite of having served for 35 years in the institute he was not promoted from associate professor to the position of professor. It became quite awkward at that time when he was on stage saying all this but i think that he did a good thing by bringing the things out. At least we came to know that something of the kind has happened. No one knows what is the exact truth. Whether it was some reason and that too a very strong one to have done this to him or was it pure and plain politics ?? Even if it was why against him only??

Well, i am not very curious to know the intricate details but hearing this certainly made me very sad about the fact that whole life of a person can go unrewarded. The thought of it itself is very horrifying. I always thought that hard work ( or for that matter, even work) was rewarded.
Now I know otherwise too.

About the room thingy that i wrote yesterday ,the every-third-hour problem continued to pester me today also. I don't know when will we get rid of it. I did not study a word today and by word i mean a word. Fresh beginnings have to be made.


P.S. : Got a work to do in the summers and am even getting paid for it. Heck!! so what if it just a nominal amount. It will be my earning.


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