Many a times there are days when whatever you put your hands into gets spoiled..and that exactly was the day yesterday ( 14th April’ 2006). It will be hard to forget this day. So much fight for getting a favourite room in the hostel!!!…Me and my wingiez needed a total of 5 rooms together and the whole day just went out figuring that how it should be done and how to get it . Every two hours we got assured that we will get it and the next hour there was a news waiting that ruined the prospects. Then there were troubles with some other people on an unrelated topic. Then it was felt that we needed to study as endsems are just 7 days away..so we resolved that we would have a night out studying. The plan was to eat something and then resume the studies but as i told you, today was a day of complete failure in whatever we did. Now, went to the CC canteen to find out that everything had just finished. Got a packet of biscuits and came back. Then we thought why not try the hostel canteen may be there we will get something ..No sir!!!..nothing to eat there too….ended u buying a packet of kurkure and came back to my room to have a peace of mind, listen to some music, blog about the day passed and then get back to work..

While i was writing about the trouble springing up every third hour, in my mind i was thinking it was all over now BUT alas!! while i was writing this blog …i came to know that there has been again some problem in the room shifting thing…(phew!!)
simply dying to get it over with…it is too much of a tension for my pea sized brain. We are thinking of naming 14th april as the “room allocation day”.
i just hope the morning sees me calmer and collected…

keeping my fingers crossed so that no other thing comes up in at least the coming two dreadful weeks of preparation and examination.
I am completely exhausted at this point of time and night out seems the last thing to do on earth…
Lord save me and my studies…

trying to cheer


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